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Nigel Rollings Bio

I offer a complete design/build service which includes consultation, planning and illustrative drawings, installation of a wide range of built features, plantings, drip-irrigation systems and consequent maintenance and management.

A personal, hands-on approach, founded on 25 years’ experience, guarantees the high standard of my ‘living sculptures’, from window boxes to country gardens.

My specialty is the small urban backyard, neglected and uninspiring, waiting to be transformed into an engaging, uplifting, magical outdoor living space. My gardens sometimes demonstrate a symbolic interpretation of the natural world, utilizing new synthetic materials, blending the traditional with the contemporary. Plants are chosen for their suitability to the site conditions, ease of maintenance and their practical as well as sensory value.

For the past seventeen seasons I have taught an original certificate class in Urban Garden Design at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden emphasizing a methodical, problem solving approach to design and introducing appropriate plants for different locations, especially in the light of climate change, whilst documenting the historical progress of the still, little known, 5,000 year old practice, science and art of landscape design.

Born somewhere between the herbaceous border and the potting shed in the lovely city of Hereford, England, I studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, in the pink, floyd years of 1968-70. Then completed a B.A. in photography, film and design at Goldsmith’s School of Art in the steve, reich years of 1971-73.

Landscape work, drawings and paintings represent my response to nature, people, music and dreams since Philippe Petit danced on a tightrope between the towers in 1974.